Pheidole Pallidula ( Big-headed Ants)
Queen size: 7-8mm (lifespan 10-15 years)
Worker size: Minor 2-3 Major 3-5mm. 
Diet: Insects, fruit, honey.
Habitat: Urban, stones, soil.
Region: Europe.
​Nuptial Flight: May-August
Polygyne (Multiple Queen colony)


Yellow, brownish yellow. Very tough  and fast growing ants, which will grow to a great colony size.  These ants can take down large prey once there are majors in the colony, these ants have been given the nickname big-headed ants because the majors have really big heads, unlike other species such as Messor Barbarus the majors of this species have extremely big heads compared to body ratio. 


These ants do require a bit of experience but are not hard to keep.

Pheidole Pallidula (Big-headed ants) Queen + Brood With Free Starter Pack



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