Camponotus Japonicus Queen + 1-5 workers

Camponotus Japonicus Queen + 1-5 workers

Colonyform: Monogyne (Polymorph workers)

Queen size: 16-18mm/ shiny black

Workers size: 6-14mm black

Food: honey water and insects

Temp: 21-28°C

Humidity: 50-60%

Founding: clasutral without feeding

Colonysize: 1-10,000 workers

Hibernation: no hibernation tropical species.



  • Starter Pack

    What you get with your starter pack?

    1 Fertile queen with or without workers



    1 tube of honey

    1 spare test tube

    A caresheet on selected species, kindly written by me.

    All packed with ecofreindly biodegradable bubble wrap in a strong box. With 1st class shipping.

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