Acromyrmex Octospinosus small fungus + 100-200 workers (STARTER PACK)

Acromyrmex Octospinosus small fungus + 100-200 workers (STARTER PACK)


Acromyrmex octospinosus are a species of leaf cutter ants. Acromyrmex can be identified from the closely related Atta genus of Leaf cutters ants by having four pairs of spines and a rough exoskeleton on the upper thorax surface, compared with the three pairs of spines and smooth exoskeleton on Atta. 

Leaf cutter ants are something of a legend you will find them in Zoos and museums and it is a great opportunity for any ant keeper to have a colony of your own! They have a symbiotic relationship with fungus in which they extract organic material from their surroundings leaf based material and seeds and fruits to build their intricate fungus gardens it is amazing to watch as they carry their leafs on a highway back to their beautiful fungus gardens this fungus provides all the nutrition they need. 

After a few years of research and working along side experienced leaf cutter ant keepers we are happy to be able to offer leaf cutters in our store we know getting such a amazing species can seems an overwhelming task they do require a decent amount of care but once they are establish you are clean sailing. 

We have designed the perfect starter kit for your colony of leaf cutters to make sure you get a great foundation of knowledge as well as some essential equipment to get you started on your journey!
What you will receive:

1x Queen with brood and 80-100 workers and golf ball size fungus (Insured arrival of the queen) 

1x bag of clay balls 
1x bag of fresh organic leafs 
1x Detailed care guide 

I will also offer you our dedicated care for any issues or questions regarding the care of your colony.  If you want to contact me email, any questions I am also offering a payment plan for a select number of people two deposits over a period of 4 weeks and then we can ship your colony after payment is complete. Further reading below for details on how colonies are collected....

Distribution: Central- South America
Colonyform: Polygyne
Queen: 12 - 13 mm
Workers: 5 - 12 mm
Nestform: Soil nests, under stones
Nutrition: self-grown fungus
Temperature: 24°C - 28°C
Humidity: 80% - 90%
Hibernation: No

 The leaf cutters ants are collected with ethics as a key focus. Experts speak to local farmers in the country of origin and strike a deal with them to collect and remove these colonies safely to be transported to the UK where permits are in place for leaving the country and coming into the UK. All colonies are checked before sending off.

  • Starter Pack

    What you get with your starter pack?

    1 Fertile queen with a fungus and workers



    1 bag of clay balls

    1 spare test tube

    A caresheet on selected species, kindly written by me.

    All packed with ecofreindly biodegradable bubble wrap in a nicely sized box. With 1st class shipping.




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