My Name is Jake Whiston

I have always loved animals and insects but I especially love ants.

I take great care in looking after the species of ants I keep and the same for any I sell. 

 I have been an insect/animal enthusiast since I was... well since I can first remember. I love animals and biology, and over the years I have kept many animals, including rabbits, bearded dragons, praying mantis, triops, and my favourite, ANTS!!! My site is about ants. If you are a new ant keeper or you wish to find out more about ants, take a look at my care sheets, if you want to buy ants or setups, take a look at the ant shops available.

If you really like ants take a look at my youtube channel about ants, inspired by (AntsCanada). My ambitions are to study biology at university and go into entomology, I hope to work closely with animals and insects and study their behaviour and life processes.

My Living World: This is my brand name and youtube channel. I hope my channel will grow and eventually, I will start a small business of my own dedicated to ant research and the ant pet trade. 

Furthermore I am currently writing an EPQ on the discussion of how ants communicate using pheromones. I am involved in several ant groups on facebook and hoping to create a small shop in the future, which will have native species of ants available. Once I expand I will possibly start selling tropical species. I will also have available resources like test tubes, tubing, honey, seeds, tweezers, and live food, etc.